2017 – See you in the rearview

2017 was one of those years that should have stayed in bed. It started out with a job offer to Egypt which was taken back by the federal hiring freeze. And finished with one of my dogs dying of liver failure. I’m glad 2017 is over. The political situation here in our Nation’s Capital is dismal and embarrassing. However, I have had the privilege of being a small bastion of light when traveling for work. I visited 6 states and 2 foreign countries this year. I spent 8 days in Kuwait. 17 hour flight over with a layover in Abu Dhabi and 15 hours coming back with a layover in Heathrow. The temperature was about 123 Fahrenheit during the day. The skin on my palms tingled. I have photographs of sunsets that look like they were taken on the set of Star Wars movie. Toilets labeled Eastern and Western. The Texas Roadhouse in Kuwait City was actually pretty good. I went to Honduras too. Mangos, bananas, and tomatoes were growing all over. Brought back local coffee as well. Honduras was beautiful and the airport is insane. Look up takeoffs and landings from Tegucigalpa.¬† I hope 2018 brings more fabulous trips and less political strife and turmoil. But if the 365 days are any indication, 2018 will be just as insane.