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So I am sitting around thinking about how to get a job overseas until I make the Foreign Service roster.  I’ve looked at a lot of job postings, some in other languages. But a lot of them ask for bilingual candidates, which I am not.  This is one of those moments I wish I had listened to my mother. It all started in 5th grade, when everyone in my class had to pick a language to study.  French or Spanish.  And you had to get a permission slip signed by your parent saying which language they wanted you to take.  My mother made me take Spanish.  I was angry.  I wanted to take French. La belle française. The language of ballet.  You get the picture.  My mother did not think French was practical and signed me up for Spanish.  So for the next 6 years I took Spanish. After AP Spanish, I stopped. No more languages for me. Then I got to college, majored in engineering.  No room in my schedule for a language, except that spoken by other engineers which is another language.  This lack of knowledge of another language is a disappointment for me now.  The world of business and engineering is so globalized that only speaking one language is a hindrance, even if that language is English. I have taken a semester of French at the community college without a permission slip. I plan to take more French courses this summer but until then my lack of foreign language skills will be my Achilles heel trying to move overseas and work.