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I’ve made a command decision. I want everyone to know that the world is a bigger place than just the tiny part that affects each one of us. You thought I was going to say something clever right? But seriously, when I am laying in bed at night watching Russia Today, Al Jazeera English or France 24, I am reminded of how small the world really is. These news sources show me a different perspective than my own, very tiny, slice of the earth.
Today marked an interesting time in the history of the Catholic Church. These Cardinals elected another Holy Father. This is the third one in my lifetime. I find this process fascinating despite the fact that I am not Catholic. These 115 men gathered in a room in the same way that this legislative body has done for hundreds of years. They all speak different languages and come from all over the world. Yet they followed the same rituals and language to conduct their business as their predecessors had done before. This process is another tiny bit of the Earth.