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I had a wonderful informal meeting yesterday with an alumni from my undergraduate university. He is a civil servant in the State Department. We chatted for an hour about career paths, juggling family and career, living overseas or staying rooted in DC. It was nice to have an insider validate that I was on the right path. I had been wondering if I was going about this hiring process in the right way. He also reiterated to me that informational “coffees” are a good step in the right direction; coffee is a DC euphemism I learned for networking. These types of networking meetings are easier for me than going to large networking events where people half my age are in your face waving business cards. This alumni also gave me information on fellowship programs I was unaware of that could satiate my appetite for international study and travel. My husband is also more agreeable to pulling up our roots for a while and renting out our house. I was glad that we had that discussion because I have a bad habit of just springing things on him.