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I have been working on a post about my wonderful weekend I spent supporting the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation at Radford University. I will get to that because it was an amazing event. However I feel that I need to comment on the Boston Marathon attack.

It is a travesty that someone decided to leave bombs at the end of a race that brings so much joy to the City of Boston and the participants. I am not sure I will ever understand the motivation. The person or group needs to be found and we all need to see justice served. I am firm believer in “see something, say something”. You never know how your video, photo or memory might help the investigators.

However, the hatred shown towards Muslims, Sheiks, and Hindus as perpetrators is inexcusable. These groups of people are being persecuted out of some irrational fear that all immigrants must be terrorists. Unless you are 100% native American, then you are an immigrant at some point in your family’s past. Either recently, like my family in the 1910’s from Italy, or two hundred years ago at the beginning of the American Revolution.

As a little girl, it was amazing to me that I could be friends with Jewish girls, Catholic girls, Muslim girls, and girls from countries I had a hard time finding on the map. It didn’t mater to us then because girls were girls and language and culture weren’t seen as barriers but interesting things to talk about. Throughout history kids were forbidden to play with kids of other races, religions and cultures. But in America, we used to pride ourselves that we could play with whomever we wanted to. In the 21st century, it seems we are moving back towards a culture that wants to stay isolated from people who do not look or sound like themselves.

You hear politicians and think tanks discuss what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the constitution. I am pretty certain this level of intolerance and hatred for a fellow human was not what was intended. This kind of intolerance is what led them to leave England and start their own country. The earliest American citizens needed to escape religious intolerance and made sure to put religious freedom, including freedom from religion, and the freedom of speech above all else. We as Americans need to ensure these freedoms.

Boston is my second favorite city, my hometown of Washington is my first. The city of Boston was built on fighting intolerance. Honor that city and those that were killed and maimed by practicing tolerance and advocating for peace.

Stand up and speak out against intolerance and violence. Not saying anything is acquiescence to the intolerance.