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I must be crazy. I really thought it would be a great idea to take 3 year old twins and my husband on vacation across the big pond, to France. By bus, metro, plane, train, metro, and another train with luggage for 3 weeks. What was I thinking? I can barely get my kids in the car in the morning to get to camp on time. My only thought was that this will be an awesome adventure. We are doing a home exchange with a family from Toulouse, France. So I am in a panic about getting our house clean and put back together. It reminds me of the frantic cleaning spree and staging done when we were trying to sell our last house.

So on Sunday, August 11, we are heading to JFK from DC by bus and metro. We are flying from JFK to Frankfurt. We are then taking the ICE train from Frankfurt to Paris. We are spending the night in Paris, taking the Intercity train to Toulouse. We’ll be there for almost 3 weeks and then we will repeat the process to come home.

I am paranoid about loosing my kids in all of this traveling. So I bought backpack tethers (ok, leashes) and they can carry their own games and toys while I can keep them attached to me. On our dry run of using them, my son regularly undid the buckle. I have seriously considered sewing the straps together while it is on him.

I bought some of those packing bags that help save space in the luggage. I hope they work and keep everything somewhat organized, that might wishful thinking. I wanted to start packing this weekend but we were painting and cleaning and shoving stuff into the attic. I feel a bit behind the power curve. Dressing for France, and Paris in particular, is giving me indigestion.

I plan on updating my blog during our adventures, so stay tuned!