As I was preparing for my latest trip to Belgium, I found my working notebook from last summer’s trip to Germany and France with my husband and kids. So I thought I would share my insights from last summer here.

I must be crazy in thinking it is a good idea to take 3 year old twins on a vacation across the big pond. By bus, plane, train, and metro with luggage and a husband. This really is one big adventure. What was I thinking? I can barely get my kids off to school in the morning. The only consolation I could bring myself was that it will be awesome and amazing. I did buy the kids leashes attached to small backpacks.

We made it on the bus at Union Station in DC. The 4 hour ride to New York was freezing and K never went back to sleep at 5a. C slept for an hour, yay! We got to Penn Station in NY at 8:30a. I did manage to find a bialy, yum. We needed to find the train out to the airport, which carrying the luggage and stroller should have been foreshadowing how horrible Paris would be. But we were still blissfully ignorant. Upon arrival to JFK Terminal 4, I bought a Delta Lounge pass to give the kids a bit of space to spread out while we waited for our flight.

Flight to Frankfurt, pretty uneventful since it took 8 hours. Husband and I managed not to scream or kill each other while trapped in a small tube with our kids. When we arrived in Frankfurt, there were a couple of USO representatives looking for military people arriving. We asked for help because we didn’t know how to get to the ICE train station. One of the awesome USO volunteers gave us written instructions on how to change terminals, ride the metro, and find the ICE train that was heading to Paris. Stop in to see these great people if you are ever in Frankfurt.

More to follow