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I have wanted something to do that was outdoors, good for fitness, and peaceful. I wanted a couple hours to myself. So I decided to sign up for equestrian lessons. I found a small horse lesson barn near me and they are willing to teach adult beginners. I went and toured the barn in the rain last weekend and this weekend I have my evaluation lesson which basically means that I will show them I know nothing. But, I have been so excited all week for this. The prospect of learning something new, being outside, getting dirty for a bit, and having a bit of time to myself was overwhelming me. I was even one of those newbies who got so excited she bought herself a helmet and boots. On sale of course. Now that it is 38 degrees F outside, I have Googled all week on what to wear while winter riding. I hope I have gotten it right or it will be the shortest lesson in the history of mankind.
As I sit here waiting for the kid sitter to come, I do have a bit of anxiety about it. I don’t want to embarrass myself, I don’t want to hurt the horse, and I don’t want the instructor to think I am a complete moron.
I will provide an update of how the lesson actually went a bit later.