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So, I went to my evaluation lesson. Turns out I’ll need another one because two things occur when there is a ground freeze: You don’t actually tack up and ride and you still train on saddles. As in I mounted a very nice english dressage saddle on a wooden saddle rack and practiced holding my riding position.

My first lesson was eye opening for two reasons. I realized how much I love spending time in the barn and learning. The time spent on theory of proper placement was invaluable as well as interesting. I forgot I was a nerd. Second, I have absolutely no abdominal muscles anymore. The trainer had us work on core stability in a group. Turns out my group consists of 9 and 10 year olds.

I had a lovely time even though it was freezing in the tack room. I learned that I need a vest instead of a huge, bulky coat. I also bought myself winter riding boots that were on sale. I feel a bit silly with how much enthusiasm I have for these lessons. But this is the one time a week where I can go and do something for myself and learn something new. It’s invaluable.